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Every person in our business community should feel they can bring their whole selves to the place where they serve.

Prejudice and privilege exist in Richardson. Our hope is that, in awareness, we can improve and set an example for our business community.

We want more Black business owners and diverse business leaders in Richardson.

Our committees need black voices. We can’t create a solution, when we don’t know what it’s like to live the problem.

Richardson is the International Business Capital of Texas, as designated by the Texas Legislature. We welcome those from other countries with open arms. We want to assure our Asian citizens and businesses how much we appreciate your contributions to our Richardson community. Coronavirus blame is unacceptable within our borders. We also celebrate our Muslim community, who too often has been maligned with stereotypes of radicals when in fact they are peaceful and family oriented.

Prejudice based on color, gender, age, sexual orientation, nationality, special needs, social standing and religion is something we must fight daily, even within ourselves.

We encourage you to talk about race. Encourage your employees to talk about race. Share stories and life experiences. This is no longer a taboo subject, but one that needs air to understand and cleanse. Don’t wait for the oppressed to bring it up. Create safe places for sharing.

Increase your personal awareness and understanding.

Thanks to Bottle Rocket for compiling the list of resources
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