ChamberMail is a comprehensive marketing program that incorporates direct mailer that reaches all the new homeowners within Richardson with mailings monthly. We mail to the next 2000 new residents or for a year, whichever comes first. Click here to see the ads that are appearing this month in the mailer.


For restaurants/retailers:

How does it work?

If you are a Chamber member, you are eligible to run an ad in the weekly Friday email. Your email will be part of a rotation of other Chamber businesses who have signed up for the program. We'll try to let you know right before your ad runs, but, hey, our intern in the back sometimes gets busy with finals. Thus, you might want to make it somewhat generic. Also, make sure your ad/business is somewhat targeted to a broader audience.

When will my ad run?

If you have a preference of when you would like your ad to run, please input that information on the form below.

Please understand that we have many Chamber businesses want to run their ads. Your ad will be put into a rotation based on the order we received ads. Everyone will get a turn.

We run ads in the order they are received, or whoever is up next in the rotation.

How big can my ad be?

If you are designing your own ad, we are somewhat flexible with sizing, but we do recommend all ads aim for 3 inches tall by 4 inches wide (300x400 pixels).

What if I don’t have a graphic designer?

That’s alright. We’ll help you design a simple ad. Just upload your logo and up to 30 words to go on the ad. When possible, we will contact you for a review of your completed ad, as long as you are timely in your response. We'll charge you $50 for each ad we design for you.

Submitting your information

If you are a restaurant or retailer submitting your information to appear in Shop/Dine Richardson, please complete the following form.

Local contacts

If interested in Shop/Dine Richardson, please contact the proper Chamber representative:

Restaurants – Ginger Tonne | | 469-323-8510
Retail (Richardson east of 75) – Allen Wise | | 972-792-2810
Retail (Richardson west of 75) – Bonnie Perry | | 214-636-1310
Vice President Drew Snow | 972-792-2805