Citizens of the Year: 1965 - 2015

Each year a nominating committee, appointed by the Chairman of the Board and chaired by the previous awardee, selects the Citizen of the Year, who is announced at the Chamber's Annual Meeting. Nominees must meet several criteria, below:
  • Activities should be performed voluntarily and with self initiative OR individual could have received compensation for outstanding service to the community as part of their professional career.
  • Activities should not be self serving or performed to advance self interests.
  • Partisan political activities cannot be part of the evaluation.
  • Unless very unusual circumstances occur only one nominee should be selected.
  • Positive, loyal support of Richardson and the advancement of the business climate is an important criteria for selection.
  • Successful businesspersons who have achieved state or national recognition and who have supported Richardson may be considered.

  Year     Citizen of the Year  
  2015     Frank Kozel  
  2014     Dr. David Daniel  
  2013     Dr. Clayton Oliphant  
  2012     Joe Snayd  
  2011     Bill Keffler  
  2010     Gary Slagel  
  2009     Jim Hoyt  
  2008     David Lawrence Zacharias, III  
  2007     Jim Von Ehr  
  2006     Richard Ferrara  
  2005     Geraldine W. Leftwich  
  2005     R. Frank Leftwich  
  2004     Michael D. Spence  
  2003     Dave Peters  
  2002     Art Roberts  
  2001     Charles W. Eisemann  
  2000     George McVay  
  1999     Ed Casteel  
  1998     Ron Boring  
  1997     Don Dillard  
  1996     Max E. Kee  
  1995     Gene Teague  
  1994     Martha Ritter  
  1993     Fred Hill  
  1992     Earl Blackwell  
  1991     Bob Baillargeon  
  1990     Dot McCalpin  
  1990     Kent Black  
  1989     Stephen Mittelstet  
  1988     Richard G. Dulaney  
  1987     Stanley McCaleb  
  1986     Diane Sullivan Price  
  1985     Howard Hern  
  1984     Hardy England  
  1983     Kenneth Terry  
  1982     Billye Meyer  
  1981     Jerry P. Owens  
  1980     Gene Jackson  
  1979     Ernest H. Randall, Jr.  
  1978     Tom Means  
  1977     David Kaplan  
  1976     Raymond D. Noah  
  1975     Vera McCarty  
  1974     Charles West  
  1973     Tom Blakey  
  1972     R.B. Sherrill  
  1971     Clifford Huffhines  
  1970     Marvin Youngblood  
  1969     J.J. Pearce  
  1968     E.G. Gatlin  
  1967     Charles T. Boyle  
  1966     C.B. Owens  
  1965     William E. Herr