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View a timeline of the history of business in Richardson

Past Citizens of the Year

Photos of past chairs of the board

The Richardson Chamber of Commerce was founded by community leaders in 1946 to prepare for economic growth following World War II. At the time, Richardson was not considered an ideal location for business and industry, because of its wide open landscape and its distance from accessible roads.

That changed in 1951 when Collins Radio moved its Texas operations here. Three years later, Central Expressway reached Richardson, and in 1956, Texas Instruments set up operations just south of Richardson. The Chamber’s vision for economic growth in the city was finally being realized.

As Richardson continued to grow, the Chamber formed an Economic Development Partnership with the City of Richardson to attract more businesses and jobs to the area. Eventually, the city was recognized as the “boom town” of the 1990s by the Wall Street Journal.

Today, the Richardson Chamber is credited with bringing some of the world’s largest corporations to North Texas, and for helping brand Richardson as the Electronics Center of the Southwest. The high-tech industry alone in Richardson boasts 6,500 firms and more than 200,000 employees.

The Chamber was also instrumental in:

  • Organizing the Richardson Symphony
  • The creation of the University of Texas at Dallas
  • Construction of the first major hospital in Richardson
  • Establishing the city’s hotel/motel tax
  • Creation of the Metroplex Technology Business Council, today known as Tech Titans®

Here's a great news story about the development from a real estate perspective from DFW Real Estate Review.

With more than 500 member organizations, the Richardson Chamber of Commerce continues the goal of its founding fathers to serve as the cornerstone of economic and community development for the city of Richardson.

Watch a video from our 75th anniversary, relaying the recent activities of the Richardson Chamber of Commerce.
Watch a video from our 60th anniversary, relaying the history of the Richardson Chamber of Commerce.

Jan Arrant, 2023
Manasseh Durkin, 2022
Eric Peltier, 2021
Stan Bradshaw 2020
Kory Aoyama 2019
Amanda Rockow 2018
Bryan Marsh 2017
Ken Hutchenrider 2016
Charlie Chen 2015
Joe Costantino 2014
Chris Luna 2013
Ron Taylor 2012
Jim Strand 2011
Jeanne Hooker 2010
Steve Moon 2009
Dave Anderson 2008
Richard Ramey 2007
Paul Voelker 2006
Charles W. Eisemann 2005
Bob Kaiser 2004
Todd Jones 2003
Martha Ritter 2002
Charles (Dave) England 2001

David Blanchard 2000
Charles Johnston 1999
Dave Peters 1998
Frank J. Kozel, Jr. 1997
Max E. Kee 1996
Joe Snayd 1995
Jim Carmichael 1994
Donna Gray 1993
Don Dillard 1992
George McVay 1991
Gene Teague 1990
H. Kenneth May 1989
Raymond D. Noah 1988
Earl Blackwell 1987
Bob Baillargeon 1986
Diane Sullivan Price 1985
Jim Rawles 1984
Richard G. Dulaney 1983
Ronald D. Harris 1982
Wilson B. Sexton 1981
Hardy England 1980
Joe D. Dobbs 1979

Gene Jackson 1978
Ernest H. Randall, Jr. 1977
Frances Powell 1976
Tom Means 1975
Charles West 1974
Charles West 1973
Tom Blakey 1972
H.H. McJunkin, Jr. 1971
Werner J. Beyen 1970
Leo M. McCurdy 1969
J.J. Pearce 1968
Ben E. Jeffries 1967
E.G. Gatlin 1966
Jerry P. Owens 1965
David Kaplan 1964
Marvin Youngblood 1963
John J. Mitchell 1962
George Young 1961
Jack E. Vaughan 1960
William E. Herr 1959
W.R. Allen 1958
Charles T. Boyle 1957

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