Commitment Form


Please complete this form indicating your commitment to participate in the 2015-2016 class of Leadership Richardson.
1. I commit to participate in Leadership Richardson, Class XXXI
2. I have my company/organization's support for participation, or have made special arrangements.
3. I will attend the monthly full-day sessions.
4. I will have my check for the tuition fee paid in full by Aug. 28, 2015, or make arrangements with the Executive Director of Leadership Richardson.
5. I will abide by the bylaws and attendance of Leadership Richardson.
In addition:
1. I understand I will be dropped from the Leadership Richardson program for failure to attend the orientation retreat on Friday, Sept. 11, 2015, and a full absence will be counted for failure to attend on Saturday, Sept. 12, 2015.

2. I understand that the closing half-day session on May 13, 2016, is mandatory.

3. I understand that, in addition to the regularly scheduled sessions, I will be assigned to a session committee that requires my participation in committee meetings. These 1-2 hour meetings will be scheduled at a time acceptable to the session committee members and the curriculum committee advisor. Meetings may be scheduled between the hours of 7:30 am and 6:30 pm Monday through Thursday and 7:30 am and 5:00 pm on Fridays. In the course of the Leadership Richardson year, there may be as many as ten to twelve of these committee meetings. (Night and weekend meetings are highly discouraged.)

4. I understand that each session may have a 1-2 hour homework assignment that I will be responsible for completing.

5. I understand that I will be responsible for not more than two 2-4 hour bridge activities during the class year, and I will be expected to attend a City Council session and Board of Trustees meeting for a public school system. A bridge activity is something selected by the participant and is intended to expose the participant to an area of the community where a future leadership opportunity exists. (Bridge opportunities will be fully explained at the Oct. 9 session.)
***Your name signed and typed above will be accepted as your commitment to participate.


Seven session topic areas are available for your consideration. For the best learning experience, we encourage you to choose topics in which you have limited knowledge. Participants are generally not assigned to a session committee in their area of work expertise or where they have significant volunteer experience.

Please prioritize all of the sessions by ranking your preference from 1 (most) to 7 (least).

The month preceding a session requires the most concentrated effort and time for committee members.

Wherever possible, we would like to avoid assigning you to a session committee that coincides with a very heavy commitment at work. Please take care in selecting your choices. Do not highly rank a month that you know will be difficult for you to complete your committee responsibilities. If there is a session you absolutely cannot be assigned to, mark it with an "x" and provide the reason below. Every effort will be made to assign you to one of your first four choices.

*Only select ONE for each session topic

Every effort is made to assign people to a committee knowing there is at least one time during the work day that all members are able to meet. The following information will be used in assigning people to committees.



The mission of the Leadership Richardson Alumni Association is to positively impact our community by connecting and inspiring members in leadership.

As a participant in Leadership Richardson Class XXXI you have the privilege of attending events of the Alumni Association as a guest of LRAA during your class year without paying membership dues. At the conclusion of your LR class year you will be offered membership.

LRAA maintains a database of all members. Contact information is made available to members only. It is your choice to provide your contact information to LRAA. LRAA uses email as the primary form of communication. We recommend that you consent to receiving LRAA emails so that you receive the newsletter and event information. It is also recommended that you use your personal email address and home address for mailings in the event you change jobs.


I consent to have my image, likeness or approved quotations to be used in Leadership Richardson or Richardson Chamber marketing materials that support their programs.